With a steadfast step into the Bundestag? Those persecuted by Nazi say NO

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The announcement of the neo-fascist parties NPD and DVU to run together in the future meets with astonishment and shock in the public. Responsible for such a development, the points out in a statement, are those who, as those responsible for the “uprising of the decent” called for three years ago, went back to the agenda after a brief public protest against right-wing violence. Politics and the judiciary regularly attest to neo-fascists that their inhuman, racist and anti-Semitic propaganda is protected by the basic right to freedom of expression.

President Rogowski is also guilty of trivializing, if not promoting, the neo-fascist agitators, who does not see the entry of neo-Nazis in the Saxon state parliament as an obstacle for foreign investors in East Germany, while as a precaution he blames PDS election successes for future jobs lost.

Such omissions are particularly shocking in view of the fact that militant neo-Nazi functionaries were already courted and recruited as members by the NPD in the Saxon state election campaign and are now preparing to carry their “fight for the streets” into parliaments and use them as stands for the To use the spread of inhuman hate slogans.

The anti-Hartz protests of the fascist parties turn out to be social demagogy on closer inspection – as in the Weimar Republic. The first “austerity proposals” by the Nazis refer to anti-fascist and anti-racist projects and are based on anti-Semitism that is hardly disguised any more and obscuring national community phrases.

The signature campaign planned by the CDU / CSU against Turkey’s accession to the EU is grist to the mill for these seducers.

The largest organization of former Nazi persecutees and resistance fighters, is outraged by the idea that Nazi propaganda can be financed through electoral campaign reimbursement, i.e. through public money, and can be spread unhindered on the streets and in parliaments. In view of the millions of victims of the Nazi regime, but also of the more than a hundred victims of racist terror in the last ten years in the Federal Republic of Germany, calls for an

end to the tolerance of fascist activities!

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