On the 60th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Hitler

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Outstanding act of resistance, but the resistance against the advance of the Nazis began in the last years of the Weimar Republic.

The attack by Colonel Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators on Hitler in the East Prussian Führer headquarters near Rastenburg on the morning of July 20, 1944 is one of the outstanding acts of the Resistance to the National Socialist dictatorship. But even in view of this date we emphasize: The resistance against the advance of the NSDAP began in the
last years of the Weimar Republic. From the beginning of 1933 it was continued selflessly and with great sacrifice, especially by communists, social democrats, trade unionists, Christians and other anti-Nazis. Since then he had been persecuted and suppressed with repression and terror, arbitrary justice and concentration camps. Countless sacrifices were made.

The motives of the assassins on July 20 were contradictory, as the majority of them were not free from joint responsibility for previous
fatal developments. They acted late and some of them inconsistently in carrying out their overturn plan. They now saw the inevitable and complete defeat of the Wehrmacht and the fascist criminal state. The coup failed. A success of this action would have
avert or at least decisively reduce huge crimes and victims of the last phase of the war. These motives and goals, but also the readiness for personal commitment to the extreme as well as the price paid by thousands with the loss of life, require respect and a permanent place in the memory of the Federal Republic.

A democratic culture of remembrance and commemoration remains inadequate and implausible in the country of the perpetrators if it does not honor all directions, groups and personalities of the anti-fascist resistance from the last years of the Weimar Republic to May 1945 according to the same humanistic standards. Every act of resistance at that time and every victim, regardless of origin, social milieu and political location, is to be accorded the same moral and historical rank. Despite many years of efforts and some progress, this claim is still unfulfilled in the Federal Republic, and in various ways even endangered in new ways.

On behalf of the largest anti-fascist organization in our country founded by the persecuted and resistance fighters, on the occasion of the upcoming anniversary we are opposing any one-sidedness and exclusion. We appeal to all citizens to work together to preserve our continent’s valuable heritage and to act accordingly. It is about the diverse traditions of European anti-fascism, which are indispensable in the interest of the historical knowledge and insights of future generations, to overcome racism and Nazism and for the lasting peaceful coexistence of peoples.

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