Nachama sees social paradigm shift

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Anti-Semitism has become socially acceptable

The Executive Director of the Berlin Topography of Terror Foundation. Dr. Andreas Nachama, sees a paradigm shift in society as a whole and increasing challenges due to current domestic political events if it is not possible to overcome the indifference of society. In an interview with the monthly magazine of the  “antifa”(Oct./November edition) Nachama said that anti-Semitism had never disappeared in the development of the Federal Republic, it just appears a little different now because it is made socially acceptable in the media and in public. It can also be found in places where politics is made that approve of the fact that Jewish community centers must be converted into high-security wings.

Nachama described it as a taboo violation that the Federal Constitutional Court legally legitimized a march of the neo-fascist NPD against the construction of a new synagogue in Bochum for the first time since 1945. “Anti-Semitism is not an opinion,” said Nachama. “Anti-Semitism is a crime, as a consequence it is always a call to murder. And a call to murder cannot be covered by the Basic Law.

Democracy calls itself into question through such decisions. From here you come to positions “undermining this community”. You could see it elsewhere, Nachama continued. “The foundations on which the Federal Republic was built after 1945 with the lessons of the past to also want to be a social society are suddenly called into question in the context of a gigantic redistribution posed.” Social consensus is required for an offensive defense of the constitutional order. “That seems to me to be questioned. A march against the building of a synagogue would not have been approved by a Federal Constitutional Court 20 years ago. Just as little as the anti-social measures that exist today would not have existed twenty years ago.”

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